Survey reveals 85% of motorists would now consider an electric vehicle as company car

  • Survey reveals motorists' concerns about electric vehicles
  • Lack of charge stations and limited range are top worries
  • Expansion of charge station network to continue in 2017

A survey by fleet management firm Venson Automotive Solutions found that 85 motorists in every 100 would now consider running an electric car.

However, despite the potential savings in BIK tax costs, the biggest concern about running an EV remains the lack of charging points in the UK, with 69% of those asked raising this as a worry.

The recent government announcement to improve the spread of electric vehicle charge points around the UK under the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill should go some way to addressing this, though.

While Tesla has its own small network of Supercharger stations around the UK with the ability to fast-charge the firm's cars (albeit for a fee, for every model purchased after 15 January 2017), fuel firms Total and Shell are also looking to trickle-feed the fitment of EV charge points as a standard feature in their filling stations from 2017. This, in addition to the pre-existing chargers provided by Ecotricity and Chargemaster, could dramatically boost the appeal of running an electric vehicle to those considering one as a company car.

The limited mileage range on a single charge was recorded as the second largest factor putting people off choosing an electric vehicle, at 61%, with the cost of charging a vehicle coming in at third place with 41% showing a concern.

The Tesla Model S 100D currently boasts the highest claimed range of 393 miles on a single charge. In contrast, the Renault Twizy is the worst offender, with a claimed 62 mile range.

The top concerns when choosing an electric vehicle - people were asked more than one question:



Lack of charging points across the UK


Limited mileage range of EVs


Cost of charging an EV


Lack of understanding of the costs and convenience of owning EV


Servicing and repair costs


Lack of try-before-you-buy opportunities


Cost of insurance


Safety concerns regarding batteries



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