Audi A7 Sportback: a more affordable V6 diesel is here

  • Additional engine for sleek five-door coupe range
  • Mild-hybrid technology fitted; BIK-rate of 34%
  • Available to order now

There’s now an additional diesel option available for the Audi A7 Sportback. This engine can be chosen on both Sport and S Line models, but it now brings a lower entry-level point into the A7 range, with the lowest P11D price at £51,670 for Sport and £54,570 for S Line.

Badged 45 TDI, this uses the same 3.0-litre V6 diesel already used in the A7 range, except here it produces less power and torque - at 231hp and 500Nm. This is down from the 286hp and 620Nm found on the higher-powered 50 TDI engine.

Both the eight-speed automatic and Quattro four-wheel drive system remain fitted here, with 0-62mph taking 6.5 seconds and top speed reaching 155mph.

How much does this Audi A7 cost in BIK tax?

The cheapest A7 Sportback will come in the form of the 45 TDI Sport, producing 147g/km, equating to a BIK tax band of 34%. With a P11D value of £51,670, this equates to a cost per month of under £293 for a 20% taxpayer.



Bik rate (%)

Monthly BIK cost (20%)



45 TDI Sport






45 TDI S Line 






Opt for the more expensive S Line and the larger 20-inch wheels fitted will result in a slightly higher CO2 output of 150g/km. That’s enough to nudge this A7 into the next BIK tax band of 35%, meaning a monthly cost of under £319 per month for a 20% taxpayer.

It’s also worth noting the slight dip in average fuel economy figure down to 48.7mpg.

What is BIK? Find out more here

Mild-hybrid technology on board

To help achieve the 48.7-50.4mpg figure on the 45 TDI is a mild-hybrid system. This nudges the A7 along with short bursts of electrical power, assisting the diesel engine by providing additional torque and reducing the amount of work required under acceleration.

The engine also shuts down between speeds of 34- and 99mph in order for the A7 to coast in freewheeling mode, maximising the amount of distance covered.

The stop-start system has been tweaked to work at speeds of up to 13mph, rather than waiting for the vehicle to be sat stationary, while the AdBlue system reduces emissions from the exhaust; fitted here with a 24-litre tank.

What comes as standard on the A7 Sportback?

All models come with satellite-navigation, virtual cockpit, rear-view camera, LED headlights, lane-departure warning.

The pricier S Line model adds larger 20-inch wheels, sports suspension and seats, stainless steel pedals and uprated LED headlights.

The Audi A7 45 TDI is available to order now.

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