Honda Civic saloon now available to order

  • Pricing and specs for new mid-sized saloon
  • On sale now, three trim levels to choose
  • One diesel and one petrol engine on offer

The last time Honda offered the Civic as a saloon, it was hybrid-only with its eyes firmly set on the Toyota Prius. While that was last seen in 2010, the latest incarnation is making a return with a pair of engines on offer.

With cleaner styling at the rear compared to the hatch and boot space climbing from the hatchback’s 478 litres to 519 litres, this four-door bodystyle should appeal to a broader audience.

Two engines only: one petrol and one diesel

There’s no hybrid option from launch, but there is the choice of a 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine or a 1.6-litre four-cylinder diesel. Both are turbocharged and can be had with either a manual or automatic gearbox.

The 129hp 1.0-litre petrol claims to achieve 58.9mpg in manual form, rising to 60.1mpg with the automatic gearbox. The 120hp diesel on the other hand, claims 83.1mpg with a manual gearbox, but drops to 68.9mpg in automatic form.

Honda Civic four-door pricing

The entry-level SE model commands an 'on the road' price of £19,395 when fitted with the 1.0-litre petrol engine and manual gearbox. Opt for the CVT automatic gearbox and the price will inflate by a further £1,400.

The 1.6-litre diesel with a manual gearbox costs £1,350 more than the equivalent 1.0-litre. Opting for the nine-speed automatic gearbox here will add a further £1,670.

How much does the Civic four-door cost to tax?

P11D figures were unavailable at the time of writing, but based on the prices above, the manual 1.0-litre engine producing 110g/km of CO2 would equate to a 23% BIK tax band in the 2018/19 tax year. This means a 20% tax payer will pay just under £75 per month, while the automatic equivalent will cost just below £80 per month.

The CVT automatic produces marginally less CO2 at 107g/km, but not by a discernible amount to sit in a lower BIK tax bracket, and this is offset by the higher price.

Go for the diesel and the SE manual will set you back just below £80 per month for a 20% taxpayer. Opt for the automatic and this is knocking on for £98 per month.

  OTR price BIK rate (%) Monthly BIK cost (20%) mpg
1.0-litre SE manual  £19,395  23  £74.35  58.9
1.0-litre SE automatic  £20,795  23  £79.71  60.1
1.6-litre SE manual  £20,745  23  £79.52  83.1
1.6-litre SE automatic  £22,415  26  £97.13  68.9


What comes as standard on the Honda Civic four door?

The three trim levels on offer are the same as those found on the regular hatchback: SE, SR and EX.

SE models come with lane-keeping assist, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition.

SR models come with automatic wipers, climate control, parking sensors, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a rear-view parking camera.

Top of the range EX models come with leather seats, keyless entry and ignition, LED headlights, wireless phone charging and heated rear seats.

The Honda Civic four door is available to order now.

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