Ford Mondeo: Piling on the miles

Mondeo hits the motorway

Most Mondeos have a tough life. It’s only four weeks since I gave my first impressions of the car, and already there are almost 3600 miles on the clock.
Four of the trips over the last two weeks have been more than 300 miles so it isn’t difficult to see how it has added up.

Most of those miles were covered on the motorway, and the Mondeo has proven to be an exceptionally comfortable cruiser.

Even with the 18-inch wheels fitted to our Titanium X Sport don’t cause a great deal of tyre noise to intrude into the cabin. And the fact that I notice it at all implies that the rest of the car is going about its business rather quietly.

The 2.2 TDCi engine is impressively smooth and deceptively quick from about 1800rpm and it has helped the last 3000 or so miles slip away rather more rapidly than expected.

At this rate the Mondeo will undergo its first visit to a Ford dealer in just three more months.

Current mileage: 3564

Average mpg: 41.9