Ford Mondeo: First impressions

It's big...

Years ago, one of the predecessors of the Mondeo, the Ford Cortina, would probably be described as the typical family car.

It was replaced by the Ford Sierra, which was transformed to the Mondeo in 1993.

Although the current Mondeo can trace its lineage back to the Cortina, it’s amazing how big this car has become.

All versions are longer, wider and taller than the ones they replaced in 2007.


  1993 2000 2007 +/-
Length (mm) 4556 4731 4844 +113
Width (mm) 1752 1812 1886 +74
Height (mm) 1372 1429 1500 +71


But perhaps surprisingly the saloon version is an inch (26mm) longer, two-and-a-half inches (64mm) wider and almost two inches (48mm) taller than a Mercedes-Benz E-Class saloon.

Mine, the hatchback, is a little shorter than the saloon, but the point is still valid.

Isn’t surprising that car buyers have been able to ‘downsize’ when going from one purchase to the next because the cars have grown so much.

I wonder how this Mondeo fits in a standard garage, compared with a Mondeo of 10 years ago, a Sierra of 20 years ago and a Cortina of 30 years ago.

Still, big cars often mean big comfort so the next six months on the road should be relaxing.

Current mileage: 150

Average mpg: 34.9