Ford Mondeo: How fast?!

Gremlins take hold

A minor disaster struck on a journey to Cheshire. Between Uttoxeter and Stoke-on-Trent on the A50 when the Mondeo's instruments and displays began doing bizarre things.

The main navigation screen on the dashboard and the driver information display in the instrument binnacle were flicking through the various screen options, occasionally switching off the radio.

Not only could I no longer follow the satellite navigation to my destination, but the instruments themselves were telling a far more worrying tale.

The car's fuel range was showing 2448 miles. I know I had been driving gently, but not to that extent! Likewise the outside temperature reading was -69 Celsius.

The rev counter needle was showing 6000rpm - an engine speed not possible in a diesel road car - while the speedometer was round at the maximum reading of 165mph.

The car's actual speed hadn't changed. There was plenty of other traffic going faster. It persisted - at one point the rev counter needle pointed in the opposite direction to the numbers on the dial, so I pulled over and switched the car off to see if the problem would go away.

After a few minutes the range and outside temperature readings settled down to more normal figures, but the rev counter was reading high, while the speedometer was adding about 15mph to my actual speed.

The fuel and temperature needles were also pointing away from the gauges, with the fuel needle obstructing the speedometer needle's resting place.

I contacted Ford, and was advised to try disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes to see if the problem went away. I tried. It didn't. Next stop was TC Harrison Ford in Peterborough.

Current mileage: 8226

Average mpg: 44.0