Ford Mondeo: Problem solved?

Normal service is resumed

The Mondeo was booked into TC Harrison, the Ford dealer in Peterborough, to have its electronic problem solved.

Well there was another thing, too. When I spoke to Ford Motor Company's press garage about the problem - the people who look after Ford vehicles lent to the media - I was advised to try disconnecting the battery first.

I tried it and it didn't work, but when tightening the nut on the battery terminal afterwards, the bolt sheared off.

It didn't take the Ford dealer long to solve the electronic problem, but they warned me it would be the following day before they could obtain a new battery terminal.

All work was carried out under warranty, the Mondeo came back as good as new and there have been no signs of the original problem coming back. However, to be fair, when that happened, it didn't cause the car to break down, and mechanically it has never missed a beat.

Current mileage: 8341

Average mpg: 43.2