Ford Mondeo: No misfuels

Foolproof filler

According to estimates by various motoring organisations more than 100,000 drivers a year put the wrong fuel in their car - petrol instead of diesel or diesel instead of petrol.

At best the damage is the cost of how much fuel you've put in and having it drained from the vehicle. Some cars under warranty also need seals and filters renewed even if the engine hasn't been run.

Even then it's possible the injection system might not work properly or the catalytic converter in the exhaust could be affected and run less efficiently.

Costs of this mistake could run into thousands of pounds on a modern diesel car that has been started and run after being filled with petrol.

When Ford launched this version of the Mondeo in 2007 it included a gadget to eliminate the risk of misfuelling as standard on diesel models.

Our 2.2 TDCi has a sealed filler pipe insert and a fuel nozzle locator that guides the nozzle into the tank opening.

It includes a mechanically operated 'diameter detector' which can distinguish between the different widths of an unleaded nozzle and a diesel nozzle, and locks out the narrower unleaded one.

I still haven't tried to put the wrong fuel in the car, but there must be plenty of Mondeo drivers out there by now that have been saved embarrassment and expense by this system.

Current mileage: 9532

Average mpg: 44.7