Ford Mondeo: Beating the cold

Warmth from beneath

Our cold winter is once again allowing the high-spec Mondeo to prove its worth. The benefits of the Quickclear windscreen were shown in the previous update.

Heated front seats (which are standard on the Titanium X and Titanium X Sport models) are also making cold starts less unpleasant.

The Titanium X Sport comes with part leather seats. The main parts of the cushion and seat back are upholstered in Alcantara - a kind of synthetic suede - so heated seats isn't quite as important as it would be on full leather seats.

Braving a leather armchair first thing in the morning after the car has spent the night in sub-zero temperatures is a shock to the system, regardless of how comfortable the seat normally is.

Heated front seats have been a feature on top-end Mondeos for quite some time, and it doesn't just stop there. I remember driving a Mondeo in 2003 after the last generation car underwent a mid-life refresh - fitted with heated and ventilated front seats fitted as an option.

An equivalent of my 2008 Mondeo - perhaps the 155bhp 2.2 TDCi Titanium X on a 2005/05 plate with those extras and average mileage could be found for about £7000 at the time of writing - about one third of the car's original price.

Finding one of those Mondeos at a few years old brings a touch of luxury at a bargain price.

Current mileage: 7212

Average mpg: 44.3