Honda CR-V: Road trip time!

  • The CR-V takes a trip to the south coast
  • Unfazed by terrible weather and floods
  • Fuel economy suffers at motorway speeds

I’ve been doing rather a lot of miles in the CR-V recently, and that included a few days down on the south coast in some rather tempestuous weather.

Since we were down there for five days, I was also incredibly thankful for the sizeable 589-litre boot. It easily fitted all of our luggage – including a load of Christmas presents – with room to spare. I was pleased with the fabric cover for the load area too; keeping our stuff away from the prying eyes of thieves was a top priority.

The boot hatch itself is quite large though, which means you have to be careful how close you park to walls and the like if you want to access it. This is illustrated in the shot below.

One thing I noticed while driving around the New Forest, Bournemouth and Poole areas is just how popular the CR-V actually is. You see them everywhere! Whether first, second, third or fourth generation, it seemed every tenth or so car I saw was a CR-V. Perhaps it’s because of the demographic inhabiting the area, but obviously the reliable crossover has serious appeal down there.

Since I’d arrived down there at a time of rather serious flooding, it soon became clear why. Thanks to a high ride height and also a lofty driving position you do feel as though the CR-V will shrug off any issues you encounter on the road.

Although it looks like a 4x4, our CR-V is two-wheel-drive but wasn’t any the worse for it. It tackled deep puddles easily and even parking on muddy fields didn’t faze it. That’s perhaps thanks to the mud and snow tyres it has fitted, which supply loads of traction yet don’t suffer the ride quality or noise penalty of chunkier items.

At one point I even found myself in a parking bay that was being threatened by a very angry sea (as pictured in the main image), but luckily the waves didn’t get any higher and the CR-V managed to stay out of the Solent.

It was interesting to see that the fuel economy fluctuated quite a lot over the entirety of the trip. While motorway speeds showed just over 40mpg on the trip computer, pottering around the New Forest at 30-40mph saw that climb quickly to closer to 55mpg. This is obviously a car that’s happiest at lower speeds rather than pounding up and down the nation’s network of trunk roads.

On a slightly more worrying note, a tyre pressure warning came up on the dash while driving on the motorway on the way home. I pulled into a service station, checked all four and the pressures were as they should be. This isn’t the first time I’ve had an erroneous pressure alarm come up, so I reset the monitor and will continue to keep an eye on it.

Mileage: 3,001

Fuel economy so far: 47.01mpg (calc)