Honda CR-V: Heading into the countryside

  • Our CR-V makes its way into the countryside
  • We report on how it drives on quicker B-roads
  • My Parents given a lift - and then have their say

I’ve been spending more time warming to the Honda CR-V over recent weeks, so I thought I’d let you know how I’m getting on.

I had cause to take my Parents out to lunch at a country pub, which offered the opportunity to see how it copes with four adults. It unearthed some interesting observations that I simply wouldn’t have known had I not done it.

For instance, while I find it seriously comfortable up front, my Parents reported that the ride quality when four-up really suffered in the rear. It could be a combination of less travel for the suspension and harder seats, but definitely something to bear in mind.

However one point they thought was very impressive was the visibility on offer. It’s an important thing for passengers to be able to see the world flashing by, and in some cases (especially children) it means the difference between serene motoring and a car full of vomit.

Headroom was applauded too, as was legroom for adult rear passengers.

The doors were a highlight too – they open so wide that access to the rear bench is very easy. My Dad, being the ex-engineer he is, also loved the mechanism for folding the rear seat away.

Finally, the fuel economy was a constant talking point. It’s permanently up on the central display when I’m driving, constantly reminding occupants that this is one seriously efficient vehicle considering its size.

Country lane driving

Towards the start of our time together I did a lot of miles, but they were predominantly on the motorway. It occurred to me that this probably isn’t the CR-V’s natural environment. We’d wager most will be driven through rural towns and countryside in the main.

With that in mind, plus the terrible traffic at Black Cat Roundabout on the A1, I decided a nice little detour on the B660 was in order. It’s a bit of a famous road around these parts, known as the Road Tester’s favourite thanks to its winding and undulating nature.

What I discovered was a car which responds very well indeed to some quicker driving. The steering is direct and responsive, the gear change beautifully positive and the driving position wonderful.

There’s a bit of body lean if you enter a corner quickly but it still feels balanced and composed. The 1.6-litre diesel engine is fantastic too, responding far quicker than most other diesels thanks to its clever (variable-vane) turbocharging system.

Mileage: 3,747

Fuel economy: 47mpg