Honda CR-V: Getting colder

  • An update on the CR-V as the weather turns cold
  • Some aspects aren't quite as good as expected
  • Lights, wipers and stereo continue to impress

It’s a little later than usual, but the winter is finally closing in around us. I’ve noticed a few things about the Honda CR-V in the past couple of weeks that make me wonder whether it’s quite the capable machine I first thought it was during the dark winter months.

The windscreen is a particularly irksome feature; not the glass itself of course, but the time it takes to clear on a cold Monday morning. In many cars nowadays you’re graced with a heated windscreen, and this enables swift de-misting once you’ve pressed the button to activate the filaments embedded in the glazing.

In the CR-V I’m left waiting for nearly ten minutes for the de-mist function from the heating system to get the glass clear enough to drive safely. This seems a little odd since it has heated door mirrors and rear windscreen, and they work very quickly indeed.

The car doesn’t warm up very quickly either – the heaters only start to puff out tepid air after the same ten minute period.

Although it’s on mud and snow tyres, the handling isn’t anywhere near as good as a 4x4 car on icy roads either. It seems to struggle for grip at the front end when accelerating in wet or very cold conditions, and cornering at anything approaching normal speeds in inclement conditions will have the front end washing wide.

I’ve no doubt the tyres will work better on actual mud or snow – the ‘sipes’ (small grooves) in the tread pattern certainly allude to that – but on the road, where the vast majority of CR-Vs will spend their life, it doesn’t work quite as well.

One aspect I do like is the automated features in the car. The lights and wipers pretty much take care of themselves if you’ve got them on the right setting. I’m fully aware this is making me lazy, but if the CR-V was the only car I was driving then that wouldn’t matter.

The sat-nav system is great too – not only for getting from A to B but also in terms of the operation of my mobile phone. I shall cover that in more detail at a later date, though.

Mileage: 3,056

Fuel economy: 47mpg