Honda CR-V: We wave goodbye

  • Our time with the Honda CR-V comes to an end
  • We've been very impressed with many factors
  • Running costs over six-month tenure surprisingly low

It’s time for me to hand back the keys for the Honda CR-V, and it’s a genuine shame I’m doing so.

Overall my time with the brilliantly engineered crossover has been happy. It’s comfortable, drives well and constantly surprised with how economical it is to run.

We also loved how practical it is. Not only does it have a huge boot, but the rear seats are easy to fold away to unlock even more luggage room.

The doors open very wide too, which is something that comes in very useful if you’re loading children into the rear.

My time with the CR-V threw up a few issues, but nothing seriously wrong with the car itself. For instance, I had a bit of a filling station disaster, but it’s difficult to blame the car entirely for that.

An adventure down to the New Forest seemed a little like taking the CR-V back to its homeland. I saw countless versions on the roads down there, and pottering round at low speeds returned very impressive fuel economy results too.

The mud and snow tyres installed we found left a little to be desired. We found them to allow surprising amounts of wheelspin in damp conditions, and since we only had one frost to contend with last winter it seemed a shame to make this compromise.

Another small complaint was how long the thing took to warm up. I don’t think I’ve driven a modern, working car that took such a long time to get up to temperature, which starts to get boring very quickly a 5am on a cold January morning.

Still, once it’s up to temperature the CR-V is undoubtedly one of the best cars in its class to drive. We particularly like the gear-change, since the lever is mounted higher up in the cabin and it's a natural reach to the gear stick.

The engine needs a mention too. It may only be a 1.6 and thus quite small for a car of this size, but thanks to its modern turbocharging system there’s absolutely no power vacuum and you always have enough torque to over-take when you need to. It didn’t feel appreciably less punchy than the old 2.2-litre diesel used on four-wheel drive CR-Vs, such is the engine’s performance.

Furthermore, you can’t argue with a real 47.9mpg over the course of my time with the Honda.

We found the sat-nav was a great addition to the CR-V’s standard equipment, so were glad we had an SE-T model. It’s a system we immediately found simple to use, and ditto the multimedia and telephone functions – they’re clear and easy too.

It’s easy to see how you’d enjoy living with the Honda CR-V over a long period of time. Not only does it impress in terms of costs and kit, but thanks to the firm’s enviable reliability record it’ll go on forever too.

Mileage: 4,630

Fuel economy: 47.9mpg (calculated over term)