Honda CR-V: Five-star practicality

  • Find out why we think the CR-V deserves top marks for practicality
  • Clever touches in the boot make everyday life so much easier
  • Watch our video of the clever way the rear seats easily fold down

During my time running our Honda CR-V I’m learning that it has a lot of talents. I’ll try and regale you with as many as possible as my tenure with the car wears on, but at this point I want to talk about practicality, and why it scores five stars in our full review.

You see, the CR-V is a seriously versatile car with so many useful features it’s the veritable Swiss Army Knife of the motoring world.

The boot is the most impressive bit. Not only is it massive with the rear seats up – its 589 litres of load room tops the VW Tiguan and Mazda’s CX-5 quite compressively – but folding the seats down uncovers a huge 1,146 litres. That’s more than some vans.

To put those numbers into context, the CR-V will easily swallow five mountain bikes or four golf bags once the seats are folded down.

And it’s the way those seats stow away that’s properly clever. With just one tug on the fabric toggle underneath the back seat or yank on the handle in the boot the rear seats fold away in a 60/40 split. It all happens with a thoroughly pleasing movement whereby the seat bases fold up, the headrests flip down and the seat back slots into place.

Take a look at the video to see what I mean:



Another thing I like about the boot is the thought that’s gone into its design. There’s a 12-volt socket in there, along with something I really love to see in any car I’m driving – hooks to hang your shopping bags on. I’ve said it time and time again: all cars need this.

There’s nothing worse than getting home from a trip to the supermarket to find your groceries splattered liberally over the interior of your boot. It smells, it takes ages to clean and it’s expensive.

My car also has a hard-wearing plastic cover for the boot floor, which stops mud being rubbed into the carpet. It covers the spare wheel. There’s also a quartet of steel hooks – one in each corner – which allow you to tether larger items down to stop them flying around the boot.

Since the boot is so big, it’s good there’s a tonneau cover there to cover it up when parked to keep my luggage out of the view of thieves.

The rear doors open seriously wide, too. It’s not quite to 90 degrees, but it’s close – as you can see here:

Both front and rear doors house storage cubbies with space for bottles of drink. There are also three cup-holders in between the two front seats, which can be covered by a flap if needs be.

One thing missing from my CR-V but available on higher-spec models is an automatically opening boot lid. While this would be useful in a supermarket car park with my hands full of shopping, it’s a bit of a luxury that I don’t miss too much.

Mileage: 1,213

Fuel economy: 46.54mpg (calc.)