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Verdict Should you buy a Honda Jazz hatchback?

If you're after a practical, well-made, reliable small car, then the Honda Jazz has a lot to recommend it. It was never a cheap option and the fact it’s now powered exclusively by a hybrid powertrain has done nothing to improve that position. That alone marks it down against the better-value Renault Clio and Ford Fiesta.

A more entry-level engine may have helped broaden the appeal of this hugely talented car to first time buyers or small families (curiously the exact people who buy the US and Japanese equivalent, called the Fit). But Honda knows who its buyers are in the UK and has no real desire to alienate them by chasing after new ones.

So that means the car we’re left with is quite a niche offering but once again entirely fit for purpose. If you want a car like the Honda Jazz, then the Honda Jazz is absolutely the best option, still.

It’s small enough to manoeuvre and park easily, yet versatile in the size and shape of items it can carry on the inside, with plenty of space of four adults to travel in comfort. It’s not a bad car to drive by any stretch but clearly prioritises cosiness and ease of use over everything else, and a balance of economy and performance over outright thrills. Stick to the mid-range SR model for the range's sweet spot - we tend to think paler paint colours suit it better.

If you liked the look of, or even owned one of the previous generation there should be nothing in this new car to put you off – the enhancements in the cabin design and tech offering come with little compromise.

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