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Mazda 2 verdict

2015 onwards (change model)
Parkers overall rating: 3.2 out of 53.2

Written by Luke Wilkinson Published: 15 November 2023 Updated: 15 November 2023

Should you buy one?

If you’d asked us this question while the Ford Fiesta was still on sale, we’d have struggled to say yes. However, now the Fiesta has gone, the Mazda 2 makes a good case for itself as a driver’s car. It’s far more analogue than its rivals from Renault and Skoda (which means it’s more fun), and if you drive it carefully, it gives the Toyota Yaris a good run for its money in the efficiency stakes.

However, there’s no getting around the fact that this is an eight-year-old car. That means its interior technology looks very dated when you compare it to the iPad-style touchscreen in the Clio or the clever digital gauges available in the Corsa. If you value having the latest tech on your car, that might be enough to strike the 2 off your shortlist.

It isn’t a particularly practical car, either. The Renault Clio and Skoda Fabia are both more spacious inside – and both have around 100 litres of additional boot space. But the Mazda balances this out with its superior build quality and surprising refinement.

As always, picking the car that’s right for you is a balancing act. If you want a supermini that’s engaging to drive, well-built, comfortable and efficient, then the Mazda 2 could be worth a look. However, if you need a supermini that can carry people and luggage in comfort, we’d steer you towards Fabia instead.

What we like

The Mazda 2 is just a little bit different. It’s fun to drive, it has a range of efficient petrol engines and its very well-built. We’re particularly fond of its snappy six-speed manual gearbox.

What we don’t like

It’s showing its age. The cabin technology looks ancient in comparison to its rivals and the dial-controlled infotainment system is frustrating to use with Android Auto. The boot’s tiny, too.