Mazda MX-5: practicality

Last minute panic

Picture the scene. It’s 7am, I’m dropping someone off at the train station in 10 minutes, however somehow I have to get both of us, my laptop and a chair into the MX-5. To be honest I wasn’t expecting it to happen...

I was taking a 'posture chair' to work to try it out for the day - however it's an awkward shape and looks far too big for the boot in the Mazda. A small ray of hope shone through when I discovered the chair was slightly adjustable.

Much to my surprise I managed to get the chair in the boot (albeit with some careful manoeuvring) along with the laptop. This wouldn’t have been possible in the old MX-5, so perhaps that little extra space punches above its weight when it comes to making this car easier to live with.

Misting mystery

The next challenge was to de-mist the windscreen. The weather has been unseasonally cold and damp so this has been a problem a few times. I followed the usual procedure of turning the air-con to full blast onto the windscreen.

But while enjoying the super-quick heated seats it became apparent that all of the screen apart from a small area in the bottom centre had cleared. Five minutes later that small area was still there – I can only assume that the screen vents don't quite point at that bit.

Current mileage: 2205

Average mpg: 32.4