Mazda MX-5: What I'll miss

One month to go

It hardly seems a few weeks ago that I picked up the MX-5, but now I've realised that there's only a month to go until I have to return it. I've become very attached to OE57 SSZ and it's proved a great car to run.

What I'll miss the most

I love the BOSE sound system. The quality is excellent (even with the top down) and you can hear every last detail even at motorway speeds.

The stereo plays  MP3 CDs - so with six discs you can have a good alternative to an iPod. The steering wheel controls make skipping through this very easy, although finding a certain song among them is nigh on impossible!

I will miss the hard top for three reasons. It provides extra security, makes the car significantly quieter on the motorway and also looks very neat when folded down.

The MX-5 certainly lives up to its reputation for handling - if anything it's an improvement on the old model and wonderfully reassuring. Although i'm probably swayed by the more powerful 2.0-litre engine which is responsive.

The heated seats are lovely when it's cold, but it would be useful to have a control for the level of heat though because after 10 minutes they get too hot to keep on!

What won’t I miss?

The new MX-5 is great - but not perfect. I’ve only noticed small niggles here and there that Mazda could easily fix.

The windscreen can take an age to de-mist. The vents don't seem to be placed very well so there's often a section at the bottom which doesn't clear, meaning you have to wait before setting off.

The seat design is somewhat harder and less contoured than the sports seats in the old MX-5. They are comfortable, but somehow the lumbar support isn’t quite as good or adjustable.

Finally the LED panel on the stereo looks old fashioned – you’d expect something more modern, even if it was just an LCD panel showing the same information.

But these are only minor gripes and don't detract from what is an excellent roadster. And one I'll really miss when the time comes for us to part...

Current mileage: 4006

Average mpg: 37.4