Mazda MX-5: Dark evenings and chilly mornings

MX-5's answer to the Autumn chill

As the nights are drawing in and the mornings are getting chillier, I'm starting to appreciate aspects of the MX-5 that I'd never even noticed before.

Firstly the boot. Room is at a premium in the cabin, so I use the boot much more than I would in a hatchback. It's a good size - wide and deep - and suits most of my needs. I'd turned off the boot light off over the Summer to prevent the battery being accidentally drained. However, after a supermarket trip I realised how vital this simple feature was - locating the shopping in the pitch black (especially the apples and oranges that had rolled out of the bag) wasn't easy.

There's a real chill to the mornings too - the kind that let you know that a frost is just weeks away. The heated seats (standard on this model) warm up the otherwise cold leather in a matter of moments and make the early drive to work much more enjoyable. The hard folding roof is also coming into its own - it keeps all the warm air in and there's not a draft to be felt.

Current mileage: 3366

Average mpg: 36.3