Parkers overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 4.8

VerdictShould you buy a McLaren 765LT?

Emphatically yes – this is a seriously capable track machine that gets close to the pace offered by the more extreme McLaren Senna, but also promises the same level of engagement on your favourite road too.

That balance of refinement and performance is what McLaren’s engineers told us they were most proud of in this car – that it can be so imperious on a circuit yet comfortable to live with at the same time.

In this sense the 765LT absolutely nails the brief, being more liveable with than the 620R or Senna, and maybe not quite as capable on track but certainly in the same league.

It’s also such an event to drive - not only does it look absolutely extraordinary from the outside, the interior has been fettled to a passable impression of a racecar, complete with trick bucket seats, and surfaces made of carbonfibre or covered in Alcantara.

In truth we’re not sure exactly who gets into a McLaren 720S and feels the need for more raw performance or better lap times, or indeed the kind of driver that decides a 675LT is not quite enough of an engaging experience on the road, but in terms of fulfilling those criteria this most extreme of Longtail models is a runaway success.

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