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View all Peugeot 306 used prices

Search all Peugeot 306 used car prices. Basic valuations, unadjusted for mileage or any options fitted, are free. To access more precise Peugeot 306 valuations, taking into account exact mileage and any value-adding extras fitted such as sat-nav, there's a small charge.

All versions

  • 1.4 4d
  • 1.9 D 4d


  • 1.8 GLX 4d (SR)
  • 1.8 GLX 4d Auto (SR)
  • 1.8 GLX 4d (AC)
  • 1.8 GLX 4d Auto (AC)
  • 1.9 TD GLX 4d (SR)
  • 1.9 TD GLX 4d (AC)


  • 1.6 LX 4d (SR)
  • 1.6 LX 4d (AC)
  • 1.8 LX 4d Auto (SR)
  • 1.8 LX 4d Auto (AC)
  • 1.9 TD LX 4d (SR)
  • 1.9 TD LX 4d (AC)


  • 1.6 SL 4d
  • 1.6 SL 4d (SR)
  • 1.9 SLDT 4d
  • 1.9 SLDT 4d (SR)

SL Select

  • 1.9 SLDT Select 4d


  • 1.4 4d (SN)
  • 1.9 SND 4d


  • 1.8 4d (SR)
  • 1.8 4d Auto (SR)
  • 1.8 SR 4d (SR)
  • 1.8 SR 4d Auto (SR)
  • 1.9 SRDT 4d
  • 1.9 SRDT 4d (SR)


  • 1.8 ST 4d
  • 1.8 ST 4d Auto
  • 1.8 ST 4d (SR)
  • 1.8 ST 4d Auto (SR)
  • 2.0 ST 4d
  • 2.0 ST 4d Auto
  • 2.0 ST 4d (SR)
  • 2.0 ST 4d Auto (SR)
  • 1.9 STDT 4d
  • 1.9 STDT 4d (SR)

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