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Volkswagen Caddy Cargo review

Volkswagen Caddy Cargo review (2021)

Meet the all-new 2021 Volkswagen Caddy van. Now called the Volkswagen Caddy Cargo, to distinguish it further from the passenger versions, this is the first VW van to be based on the MQB platform that underpins most of Volkswagen's cars. We have already driven examples of every diesel engine on...

  • VW Caddy - runner up in the Parkers Small Van of the Year Award 2020

    Volkswagen Caddy review (2015-2020)

    The fourth-generation Volkswagen Caddy, launched in 2015, is perhaps the discerning small van buyer’s choice. It’s not necessarily the most practical, and it’s certainly not the cheapest – but it’s got that trendy VW image, impressive build quality and an appealing sense of modernity. It also offers...

  • VW Caddy (2010-2015) review on Parkers Vans

    Volkswagen Caddy review (2010-2015)

    The 2010 VW Caddy is heavily upgraded and facelifted version of the popular third generation Volkswagen Caddy (introduced in 2003), and VW has given this version of the Touran-based model a fresh new look. There’s a new range of engines and it comes in two variants, the standard-length Caddy and...

  • VW Caddy (2004-2010) review on Parkers Vans

    Volkswagen Caddy review (2004-2010)

    This is the third generation of VW Caddy van. Whereas the previous Caddy was based upon a beefed-up Polo supermini, this model is developed from the larger Touran model for a more spacious cabin and a sleeker shape without the need for a box on the back. It offers more loadspace and can cope with...

  • VW Caddy (1996-2003) review on Parkers Vans

    Volkswagen Caddy review (1996-2003)

    The rather bulbous Volkswagen Caddy which ended its production run in 2003 was based on the Polo platform, so it offered truly car-like ride and handling. It also had a generous load volume and was available in both petrol and diesel formats, so some used versions may have an LPG conversion...