Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

The Mokka's interior is very similar to that of the sixth generation Astra. Much of the switchgear and design is shared with other Vauxhall products too, so many previous Vauxhall drivers will feel right at home.

The Mokka's controls are all easily accessed and relatively intuitive, and finding a good driving position is easy, but the centre console is crammed full of buttons and it looks very busy.

The interior has a presentable appearance and the materials used feel durable and of a good quality but there are some easily marked plastics in places, something that's bound to become an issue in what is potentially a family car.

There are some questionably finished parts as well, such as the instrument binnacle cover that flexes dubiously if you push on it.

Visibility can be an issue, as the Mokka has quite a large rear quarter blind spot due to wide rear pillars and narrow rear windows. Rear parking sensors, or the optional reversing camera, are highly recommended to go some way to helping combat this.

The interior is also a little bland and unexciting, as there's nothing to differentiate it majorly from any of the company's other products. Rivals like the Nissan Juke are much more interesting and characterful with regards to interior styling.

It's a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to Vauxhall Mokka comfort levels. The cabin is moderately comfortable, with plenty of leg and head room, but the Mokka's seats can leave you feeling restless and uncomfortable.

The sports seats are even less comfortable, with an overly aggressively bolstered seat squab that pinches too firmly. Fortunately a range of seat adjustments, and a steering column that adjusts for rise and reach, allows you to find a sensible driving position without fuss.

In the rear of the Mokka there's just about space for three adults and again there's a good amount of room on offer, although taller front passengers will cause reductions in rear legroom. The rear seats benefit from head rests which improves comfort.

Around town the Mokka's cabin is refined but out on the motorway wind noise can intrude notably and the engines can be noisy when worked hard. The ride is good for the most part, although bumps and cracks in the road can cause the Mokka to jostle about.