Volkswagen Tiguan - Fuel saving is fruitless

  • Back-to-back tests prove... infuriating
  • Better fuel economy when driving quickly
  • VW Tiguan averages about 39mpg on both runs

Conserving fuel, as far as I am concerned, is a black art. I try my best to follow the guidelines, y’know like: don’t drive like your pants are on fire and make sure you don’t have a dead body in the boot.

That sort of stuff.

People - irritating people - regularly return from to the office and boast about their fuel conservation efforts. ‘Oh I got 55mpg when I went up to Blackpool,’ I’d hear a colleague/numpty claim in their latest bout of showoffy tale-telling. ‘

Tim what did you get?’




I am, it is fair to say, hopeless at the fuel-saving thing. I’m always putting fuel in other people’s tanks because I’m always the one in the car when the fuel-warning light goes on. It’s a regular occurrence.

So, the other day I thought I would put myself to the test in the VW Tiguan. I decided that I would drive in an aggressive manner on my way home to Watford and see what the on-board computer reading would show. Then, the following day I would follow the exact same route home, driving in a more relaxed way, and compare the two. Because it was the same route and because the midweek traffic would be pretty much the same, I reasoned it would be a level playing field. The total mileage for the journey home is around 75 miles.

It was a good test, I thought.

The first reading showing above is taken from the 'aggressive' test while the 'economy run' reading below was taken just 24 hours later.

As you can see there’s not much difference between the two but what I find really galling/surprising is that my first attempt yielded an average of 39.2mpg, while the second run, where I was supposed to be conserving fuel, had a lower reading of 38.8mpg.

I’m clearly not winning at this. The Tiguan is telling me in no uncertain terms that I am a fuel-munching moron and that any attempt at conservation is a fruitless exercise because I have as much mechanical sympathy as Noddy. Both tests were carried out under similar conditions – as you can see the outside temperature was exactly the same on both nights and I can safely say that the levels of traffic on the road were very similar.

So, you know, I’m just going to give up trying to get my fuel economy up and leave it to the smug gits in the office who are able to get the most from their tanks without even trying.

Maybe I should just shift that dead body.

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Total mileage: 5,548 miles

Average mpg: 39mpg