March - Weighing up the options

  • Plenty of accessories to choose from
  • Optional Touchscreen entertainment kit is great
  • Though it costs a not inconsiderable £1,710

The VW Tiguan is one of the most complete 4x4s on the market. It may not stand out too much thanks to its vanilla styling, however, the German 4x4 is dependable, robust and gets you to your destination with the minimum amount of fuss.

Our model is the Tiguan SE BlueMotion 2.0-litre 4MOTION 140PS mated to a six-speed manual gearbox and it comes loaded with kit.

The standout features for me include the Touchscreen sat nav/audio with MP3 and aux-in connectivity (£1,710 as an optional extra). I agree it is expensive but if you are travelling long distances then these creature comforts can really stave off the boredom.

The touchscreen can be a little slow but once you get used to that you will enjoy this bit of equipment. It is easy to connect to your phone and the audio sound quality is impressive.

The MP3 and aux-in connectivity is very useful to connect your MP3 player to and it can be stashed in the central console while it is playing. Changing tracks is also child’s play thanks to the touchscreen or you can go use the audio buttons mounted on the steering wheel.

Toggle the menu on the driver display until it shows your current track playing and then you can scroll forwards and backwards on that particular playlist. It really is that easy.

At £1,710 the Touchscreen Infotainment system is a lot of money but you are getting several systems here: sat nav, radio, audio with MP3 connection, traffic updates and car info.

You can go the separates route with a portable sat nav but you need a charging lead andthey aren't the most attractive look, or a smart phone, which is not the easiest of things to use to navigate by.

Not only will it make your journeys much more pleasant it will also be a talking point when you are looking to sell your car.

If you are thinking of buying a VW Tiguan then the likes of the BMW X1, the Honda CR-V and the Ford Kuga are likely to be on your list, however, choose this 2.0-litre 4MOTION 140PS in SE Bluemotion, pick the right options and this may be all the car you need.

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Total mileage: 8,610 miles

Average mpg: 39.2mpg