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Audi A6 Allroad interior, tech and comfort

2019 - 2021 (change model)
Comfort rating: 4.3 out of 54.3

Written by Tom Goodlad Published: 11 September 2019 Updated: 11 September 2019

  • Same slick interior as the regular A6 models
  • Dominated by large screens and plush materials
  • Lots of technology to learn and master

The Allroad’s interior feels a very modern place to be, mostly because of the extensive use of large screens (there are three of them) and an abundance of piano black and bright silver trim.

Ahead of the driver is Audi’s latest Virtual Cockpit digital dial setup – standard fit on all models – and it’s as slick as ever with a bright display that’s highly configurable depending on what you want to see ahead of you. It’s the best in the business.

On the main dashboard is an 8.8-inch MMI touchscreen infotainment display (10.1 inches if you upgrade to the Tech Pack or choose a Vorsprung model), that’s crisp and easy to use with simple menus and a user-friendly layout. It takes a little getting used to the haptic feedback – you scroll like you would on a normal touchscreen and ‘click’ it to select with a physical push inwards), but it quickly becomes normal.

2019 Audi A6 Allroad MMI Touch

Lower down there’s an 8.6-inch touchscreen to control other functions – mainly the climate control – that also features this feedback for adjusting temperature or adjusting other setting via a selection of ‘buttons’ along the top.

At first glance it may all feel a little much, but it actually becomes quickly intuitive and slick to use. Plus, the screen is crisp and bright and easy to get around.

Elsewhere, material quality feels excellent. The doors close with a solid thunk and the fixtures look like they’re solidly build from expensive materials. We found no squeaks or rattles like you can find in an E-Class, and you can add a touch of more premium feel by opting for what looks like open-pore wood instead of the swathes of shiny plastic.

Is it comfortable?

  • A6 Allroad is a very comfortable cruiser
  • Excellent seats and impressive refinement
  • Air suspension soaks up bumps well

2019 Audi A6 Allroad front seats

The Allroad has inherited the regular Avant’s ability to be a relaxed and comfortable cruiser, and that’s due to a combination of comfortable seats, excellent refinement and a soft, compliant ride.

Firstly, the seats. The front pair are electrically adjustable so you can tweak the driving position to the finest degree, while the seats themselves are wide enough for drivers of all shapes and sizes to get comfortable. However, some can feel a little flat with not enough support under your thigh.

Comfort is aided by the standard-fit air suspension which soaks up bumps and undulations in the road very well, although the ability to spec 20-inch alloy wheels (the standard ones are 19-inchers) almost undoes this as it can thump into worse bumps and upset the peace. It takes a big bump to really have that effect, though, and the rest of the time the Allroad remains very relaxed.

2019 Audi A6 Allroad comfort

Additionally, excellent refinement keeps the peace inside the cabin. The smooth and silky V6 diesel rarely becomes too vocal, and wind noise is barely audible at motorway speeds. Even the large wheels and tyres fail to cause much of a stir, making the A6 an excellent long-distance companion.