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Audi A6 Allroad front three quarters

There’s a great rumour about the Audi A6 Allroad that I have spent absolutely no time fact-checking, but am happy to continue propagating until someone tells me otherwise - apparently, the people who buy this car are Audi’s most affluent customers.

One percenters don’t buy an R8 supercar, nor the A8 limousine (that car will make an appearance later, though) or even the RS 6 megawagon. Not even the SUV coupe Q8, the model that is surely the ultimate expression of disposable income these days.

No, the incredibly rich like nothing more than a business-like A6 Avant with outdoorsy jacked up suspension and off-road cladding. I have tried to illustrate this point with my outfit in the image above, but because the only wellies I own have a comic-book print on them, the effect might be lost on a small screen.

However, it won’t have escaped your notice (not just because of the awful wellies) that I am not incredibly rich, so you might be wondering why I am spending the next six months in a car like this.

Well, the official reason is that although Parkers has run an older A6 Saloon in the past, we haven’t had one of this generation, nor any previous Avant. We’ve also had plenty of SUVs but not an off-road estate car like this. So there’s an editorial itch to scratch.

From my perspective though it’s simply to answer a question I’ve had in my mind for years – why doesn’t anyone make an estate version of a luxury limo?

Audi A6 Allroad with Audi A8

No, that’s not as mad as it sounds. A car like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series or Audi A8 has almost everything the perfect family car needs – it’s quiet, comfortable, full of driver assistance tech and has masses of rear legroom, so you can get a bulky Isofix seat in without affecting the front passengers. Although admittedly it’s not a cheap solution.

Even better, in the A8 pictured above there are a pair of television screens that have kept my children entertained on long journeys or trips to the supermarket. Every time I bring a car like this home, I think, why isn’t there a version of this with a big boot, towbar and pumped up ride height so I can use it to transport us and our bikes to the various remote locations we like to ride them?

Then I realised it already exists, but it’s called the A6 Allroad. Long travel air suspension with absolutely zero interest in dynamism? Check. Vast rear legroom and luggage capacity? Check. Maximum cabin refinement from a smooth six-cylinder engine? Also check.

We’ll look a bit deeper into this comparison after doing a few more miles in the A6 but early impressions are good. It’s super quiet on the move, the diesel engine is unobtrusive but powerful, and the ride is very good indeed.

Helping matters a bit is the…err…visually unique configuration that we chose for this car. For a start it’s the base Sport spec, so you get smaller 19-inch wheels with bigger sidewalls (top spec Vorsprung gets 21s!) and it also unlocks a load of interior options, oddly.

Audi A6 Allroad interior

Top tier cars come with firm sports seats, a dark leather interior and silver trim on the dash. That’s a cool look in an A6 Avant, but in an Allroad, surely you want to bring the great outdoors in? Pick the Sport trim and you can do so with normal squashy armchairs in a warming brown hide, with some frankly brilliant fine grey ash trim to replace the cold metal.

I appreciate it’s not to everyone’s tastes but teamed with Avalon green paint, I think it looks absolutely excellent.

Anyway, that’s all for now. It’s Friday night and I’ve got a magnum of Chateau Margaux with my name on it.