BMW 3-Series: Driver appeal

The legendary 3-Series

One of the major reasons why the BMW 3-Series has such a good reputation is that it is incredibly enjoyable and rewarding to drive. My 318d may be an entry-level model but that doesn't mean that it isn't as good to drive on demanding roads as its more powerful counterparts.

The steering is one of the main factors - not only does it feel very responsive, but the accuracy and precision when cornering makes it feel incredibly reassuring. My car is also fitted with the M-Sport steering wheel (standard on the Edition SE model) which is great to hold.

The handling is further enhanced by suspension that keeps the rear of the car firmly planted on the road. Even if you wouldn’t describe yourself as an enthusiastic driver, this ability is invaluable in an emergency situation if you have to suddenly swerve to avoid hitting something.

Impressively smooth...

Like all 3-Series models (with the exception of the M3 variants) my car is fitted with run flat tyres. These allow you to drive to the nearest garage if you get a flat tyre - so you don't have to change the tyre by the side of the road or struggle with a foam sealant repair kit.

In the past there have been criticisms that these tyres adversely affected the ride quality. But I've found no such problems - in fact I find the ride excellent in the 318d and it irons out rough surfaces perfectly.

Current mileage: 2234

Average mpg: 49.4