BMW 3-Series Touring: Winter Driving

Tackling the snow and ice

Well, anyone wondering whether the snow will come can't be in any doubt now! Snow covered roads are a real test for any car. The back roads and especially my driveway never see so much as a speckle of grit, let alone a full-on council gritter!

Rear-wheel drive cars present a particular challenge as four-wheel drive cars have more traction and front-wheel-drive cars have the weight of an engine over them. Given that the diesel engine also delivers a lot of power low down the rev range it would mean even pulling away could be tricky without spinning the wheels.

However, careful driving meant the Touring tackled the heavy snow fall and thick-packed snow without drama. What impressed with the BMW is its traction control and electronic safety devices. Even exiting slowly off roundabouts could provoke the rear to step out slightly on the slick road surface, but the ESP kicks in quickly to stop the car from stepping out further and gets the car back in line. The upside of all this careful driving is improved fuel consumption - nearly 47mpg.

Current mileage: 2805

Average mpg: 46.9