BMW 3-Series Touring: Practical touches

Touring proves impressively useful

The spilt rear boot opening may seem a gimmick, but I have discovered that in multi-storey car parks the seperate glass screen opening is really useful. As soon as you pop it open the soft cover automatically slides out the way allowing access to the boot. Just drop your bags in, slide the cover shut and then close the rear screen

There's no need to squeeze between two cars or hold the whole boot lid partially open so it doesn't hit the car park roof. The main tailgate quickly gets covered in dirt (especially in the winter) so the opening glass saves you getting your hands dirty.

Another useful feature is the plastic hooks in the boot which allow you to hang bags of shopping on. It might not seem much but it prevents shopping spilling all over the boot.

Nearly all BMW models are fitted with runflat tyres. This means that there's more storage space under the boot floor - as you can see in our pictures. There's also a cargo net which keeps small items securely stowed at the side and the estate is fitted with a rear screen divide behind the rear seats. This is especially useful for dog owners who can keep their furry friends safely in the boot.

Current mileage: 2055

Average mpg: 44.9