Best car jump starter power packs

  • Parkers pick of the best battery jump packs
  • Some will fit in your glovebox
  • Never get caught by a flat battery again

Best jump start packs 2020

Don’t get stuck with a flat battery and no one around to give you a jump start – you need a jump start power pack.

There’s nothing like a car with a flat battery to leave you feeling, well… flat. Open the door, fasten your seatbelt, turn the key – nothing. The car’s as dead as a dodo. Unless your other half is willing to give you a jump-start, you’re faced with the prospect of catching the bus to work or calling a breakdown service. Either way, you’ll wish you had invested in a car jump starter power pack.

But which jump start power pack should I buy?

There was a time when car jump starter power packs required the arms of Popeye just to lift them into position. The good news is that you can put away the spinach – some of today’s compact power packs are small enough to fit inside your glovebox.

There are hundreds of booster packs available, but we’ve narrowed the search to some of the best units you can buy. Jump to it.

So, why do you need a car jump starter power pack?

A flat battery is always something that happens to somebody else – until it happens to you. There are many reasons why a battery might decide to dial it in: it’s passed its prime, you left an interior light on, the weather has turned cold, it had a heavy night last night and fancied a lie-in. OK, so we made the last one up, but a car battery will, at some point, let you down, unless you replace it first.

To be honest, we feel that prevention is better than cure, so we’ll refer to you our list of car battery chargers. But if the worst does happen, these car jump start power packs will give you the boost you need.

Best car for all-round excellence

Noco jump start pack

NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe

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This small power pack provides a mighty boost

The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 might be small, but it packs a mighty punch. This car jump starter power pack is rated for petrol engines up to 6.0 litres and diesel engines up to 3.0 litres, so it should tackle your compact crossover with ease. What's more, it can handle 20 jump starts from a single charge, while a USB port means you can recharge your smartphone, tablet or accessory. You even get an LED light with seven modes. Put simply, it's the only booster pack you'll ever need.

Best for wild camping

Jump Starter, AUTOWN 2000A Peak 20800mAh Car Jump Starter with Quick Charger, 12V Auto Battery Booster Portable Power Pack with LCD Screen and Type-C Cable

AUTOWN 2000A Peak 20800mAh Car Jump Starter with Quick Charger


FREE One-Day delivery

Two USB ports and a torch for extra versatility

We'll break the NOCO monopoly to feature this Autown jump starter power pack. It has an LCD screen to show you how much power is left in reserve, along with two USB ports for charging devices while on the move. In fact, thanks to the LED light, the Autown power pack is perfect for some wild camping.

Best for multi-tasking

Röhr Battery Charger 70 Amp 12V / 24V DFC-450P Intelligent Turbo/Trickle with Repair, Maintain and Jump Start - HGV/Lorry/Car

Röhr Battery Charger 70 Amp 12V / 24V DFC-450P

By Röhr

FREE One-Day delivery

Fast or trickle charge – this one will even repair old batteries

If you're not won over by the small and mighty units, the Rohr battery charger might be right up your valley. It looks like the kind of jump starter power pack you'd find at your local garage, but there's more to the Rohr than a big boost. A trickle charge function is available if you're not in a hurry, and it even features pulse rectifier technology to actively repair a damaged battery. A great piece of kit – just don't expect it to fit in your glovebox.

Best for a boost with style

Artek jump start pack

Arteck 900A Peak Car Jump Starter


£55.24 £65.99 
FREE One-Day delivery

Affordable price, but the power of a more expensive unit

You wouldn't buy a jump starter power pack for its aesthetics, but this Arteck unit is as stylish as your smartphone. It can provide a boost for petrol engines up to 7.0 litres or diesel engines up to 6.5 litres, with 20 jumps available from a single charge. Stick it on charge and it'll be ready in just four hours, so it's perfect for those occasions when you might need to charge your electronic devices on the move.

Best for bigger engines

NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Portable Lithium Car Battery Booster Jump Starter Power Pack For Up To 8-Liter Petrol And 6-Liter Diesel Engines

NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Portable


FREE One-Day delivery

The boost you need if you drive a 'monster truck'

We offer no apology for featuring a second NOCO power pack on this list. The American company is one of the world's pre-eminent suppliers of booster packs, so you can rely on the Boost HD GB70 to get you moving. This one is more expensive, but it's rated for petrol engines up to 8.0 litres and diesel engines up to 6.0 litres. The 400-lumen LED torch should shine a light on any problems you encounter with your car.

Best for buying on a budget

GOOLOO Quick Charge In/Out, 500A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter (up to 4.5L Gas) Power Pack 12V Car Battery Booster Portable Phone Charger, Built-in LED Light

GOOLOO Quick Charge In/Out, 500A Peak SuperSafe



This affordable unit punches above its weight

This Gooloo might look a little basic when viewed alongside rival products, but you shouldn't underestimate it. Not only is it one the most affordable jump starter power packs on the market, it's rated for petrol engines up to 4.5 litres and diesel engines up to 2.5 litres. It'll charge your smartphone in record time, while an LED indicator shows you how much juice it has left.

Best for preventing a flat battery

CTEK MXS 3.8 Automatic Battery Charger (Charges & Maintains Car and Motorcycle Batteries) 12V, 3.8 Amp - UK Plug

CTEK MXS 3.8 Automatic Battery Charger


FREE One-Day delivery

A life-support machine for your battery

We're going out on a limb with this one, but the CTEK MXS 3.8 should ensure that you never face a flat battery again. Unlike the power packs featured above, the CTEK unit is unable to provide a boost, but stick this on the car between uses and you can be sure the battery won't leave you high and dry. Prevention is definitely better than cure.

Advice: what to consider when choosing a car jump starter power pack

How big is your engine?

All the power packs we’ve featured are capable of providing a boost for the vast majority of new cars sold in the UK. However, it’s worth checking the rating of the unit you’re looking at before clicking ‘buy’. The maximum engine size for a diesel engine will be smaller than for a petrol motor.

Do you want the extra features?

Many of the jump starter power packs feature a torch and USB ports for charging a smartphone or tablet. You tend to pay more for these extras, so ask yourself if you’ll ever use them.

Study the safety features

The best power packs feature protection against incorrect connections and sparks. Always read the instructions carefully.

Is your battery on its last legs?

If the battery was flat, ask yourself why. It might be something simple like an interior light left on, but if not it could be time to replace the battery. Don’t rely on the power pack to get you home – replace the battery at the earliest opportunity. Remember, batteries deteriorate over time and their performance suffers in cold weather.

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