Skoda Fabia PCP vs Virgin Media TV: cut costs with the car

  • Don't think you can afford to finance a new car?
  • Cancel super-pricey TV packs and you can
  • Skoda Fabia costs less per month than Virgin TV

Like the idea of running a brand new car but think it's out of your reach?

If you're paying for a pricey TV bundle you could save more than enough every month by cancelling this to put a desirable car on the drive.

With TV packs – even those without mobile phone and broadband extras – costing up to £200 per month or more, you could actually save enough to finance a car by simply ditching the contract when you get to the end of the term.

Don't think that you could only get a basic entry-level model, either. For the cost of Virgin Media's Full House TV pack, plus the extra channels available, you could put a Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI 95 Colour Edition on the drive. All with a Virgin Media-matching low upfront payment.

Keep reading to find out how Skoda Fabia PCP and Virgin Media TV compare and click below to see all the best PCP finance deals available now, whatever your budget:

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Skoda Fabia - £217/month

Version: Fabia 1.0 TSI 95 Colour Edition

Skoda Fabia PCP finance

With a comfy cabin, plenty of standard kit, a pleasant drive and top value PCP finance offers, the Skoda Fabia is one of the best small cars available now.

It's not exciting, but in turbocharged 1.0-litre 95hp petrol form it's surprisngly punchy and economical, with Colour Edition trim adding a little extra style, too.

However, it's the costs that really stand out. Even with a very affordable £25 deposit – matching the Activation Fee added to the Virgin Media TV pack – monthly payments come in at a reasonable £217.

That saves you £6 per month compared with Virgin Media's Full House TV bundle, with Sky, sports, adult channels and foreign broadcasts added.

Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI 95 Colour Edition

  • Monthly cost: £217 (47 payments)
  • Deposit: £25 (£1,750 manufacturer deposit contribution)
  • Total amount payable by customer if returning car: £10,226
  • Total amount payable by customer to buy car: £15,419
  • Cash price: £15,705
  • Mileage allowance: 10,000 miles per year
  • APR: 3.9%

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Virgin Media - £223/month

Version: Full House TV with extras

Virgin Media TV package

Select the Full House TV pack and it comes in at £49 per month with a £25 Activation Fee. Not bad, you may think, but if you want sports channels, adult TV or any foreign channels you can expect that monthly total to rocket.

With Sky channels alone adding around £40 to the monthly bill and the horse racing channel Racing UK adding £22 per month by itself, it's incredibly easy to see your total charge blast through the £100 per month mark.

Select everything and you'll be billed a staggering £223 per month. This contract runs for 12 months, but with TV companies keen to keep customers you can expect to go on to a rolling monthly contract one you get to the end of that period.

Expect monthly payments to leap at this stage, so if you don't phone up and haggle on a new deal or cancel and find another deal elsehwere, you bills could rise even higher.

Even if they stay the same, however, you can expect to have spent nearly £10,500 over four years – £266 more than the Skoda Fabia above would cost you for the same period.

Virgin Media Full House TV with extras

  • Monthly cost: £223 (47 payments)
  • Deposit: £25
  • Total amount payable by customer over four years: £10,492

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