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Porsche Taycan Coupe: price, release date, specs and interior

  • Purpose-designed electric supercar to spearhead Porsche’s green message
  • Slinky five-door coupe set to appear first; other bodystyles may follow
  • Place your orders from 2019 – still want that Tesla Model S?

Though not yet revealed in its final showroom form, the Porsche Taycan heralds the arrival of a slinky electric five-door coupe expected to join the German sports car brand’s range from 2019.

Previewed by the Mission E concept at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show, Porsche confirmed the Taycan name - pronounced Tie-can - at the prestigious marque's 70th anniversary event in June 2018.

Designed to spearhead Stuttgart’s electric ambitions, the Taycan promises to deliver the Porsche driving and ownership experience through and through – minus the usual engine note we are so used to hearing from the archetypal flat-configuration engines.

Porsche Mission E coupe concept

Currently, rivals for the Taycan are few and far between: the established Tesla Model S appears to be its most obvious competitor, but buyers may well be swayed by similarly sized electric crossovers such as the Audi E-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace.

When will the 2019 Porsche Taycan go on sale?

Some four years after show car’s debut, customers will be able to order the Taycan during 2019, although it could be early 2020 before British customers get their hands on their cars.

So far, we still haven’t seen a production version of the battery electric vehicle (BEV) – though our sister site CAR magazine has snapped prototypes of the new zero-emission coupe in dynamic, high-speed testing.

As for the name, Taycan is derived from various Eurasian languages meaning something close to 'lively young horse'. No, we're not sure what the link is either...

How fast will the 2019 Porsche Taycan be?

Expect the Taycan’s performance to be wholly appropriate for a car graced with Porsche badging: we wouldn’t bet against a 0-62mph time of under 3.5 seconds, while its top speed could be in excess of 155mph if the sports car manufacturer decides not to cap it to prevent battery wastage.

That urgency is delivered courtesy of a pair of electric motors – power and torque figures to be announced – driving all four wheels.

Handling should be good too, and that’s partly because Porsche has mounted the batteries at the bottom of the Taycan’s underpinnings, keeping the centre of gravity low, and reducing bodyroll.

What’s more, it should be impressively agile as it’ll be borrowing the same four-wheel steering system seen on the 911 GT3.

What’s the 2019 Porsche Taycan’s range and how quickly will it charge?

Porsche is targeting a 311-mile range, but is keen to stress that fast-charging could give you 250 of those miles in around twenty minutes.

To do that, you’ll need to find one of Porsche’s ultra-fast 800-volt chargers. They’re extremely scarce now, but with enough investment, the picture should change over the coming years.

However, like with almost every other electric car, owners will be encouraged to have a wallbox installed at home for overnight charging.

How much will the Porsche Mission E cost?  

Porsche says the Taycan will fit somewhere between the Cayenne and the Panamera in terms of price, and should be between the 911 and Panamera in size. Therefore, expect to contend with a price tag of around £60,000 when it’s released.

Expect it to form the basis of a range of electric Porsches if the crossover design cues of the Mission E Cross Turismo concept shown at the 2018 Geneva motor show is anything to go by.

Parkers will be among the first to drive this electric executive coupe, so check back with us soon for the full Porsche Taycan coupe review, but in the meantime find out what our colleagues over at CAR Online have unearthed about the zero-emission sports car