Nip and tuck for two-door 3-Series

  • Range of coupés and convertibles below 160g/km
  • Quicker 320d and 325d; more frugal 335i
  • Better mpg and lower emissions for 335d

BMW has introduced a raft of improvements to the 3-Series Coupé and Convertible models, increasing power and reducing CO2 emissions in many versions.

And all versions of the 320d and 325d now fall within the 160g/km limit giving companies the opportunity of a tax break compared with similar cars with higher emissions.

The engine in the 320d has been upgraded to produce 184bhp (an increase of 7bhp) and 280lb-ft of torque (22lb-ft higher than before).

For the Coupé it means it is 0.4 seconds faster sprinting from 0-62mph at 7.5 seconds, but there is also a 1.2mpg improvement in fuel consumption to 60.1mpg, while CO2 emissions are reuced by 3g/km to 125g/km.

The 320d convertible now reaches 62mph from rest in 8.3 seconds, while fuel consumption is improved to 55.4 mpg and CO2 emissions reduced by 5g/km to 135g/km.

Power is also increased by 7bhp in the six-cylinder 325d, while pulling power is improved from 295lb-ft of torque to 417lb-ft.

It means the Coupé is capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in 6.9 seconds, while the Convertible covers the same benchmark in 7.5 seconds. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are 49.6mpg and 151g/km for the Coupé, while the Convertible achieves 46.3mpg and 160g/km.

High performance versions have also undergone changes - the 335i now uses a single turbocharger instead of the twin-turbo used previously and fuel-saving direct injection.

However, power and torque remain the same as before at 306bhp and 295lb-ft, while fuel consumption is improved to 33.6mpg and CO2 emissions are cut to 196g/km from 218g/km for the Coupé version.

Meanwhile the 335d retains the same level of power at 286bhp, but fuel consumption has been improved slightly on the Coupé to 42.8mpg, while CO2 emissions are reduced to 174g/km.

Cosmetic changes for 2010 include LED bars in the rear light clusters and restyled bumpers, while leather seats is now standard on all versions of the Coupé and Convertible.

M Sport versions have a revised front spoiler design along with a new style 19-inch alloy wheel.