How long do you sit in traffic?

  • Drivers spend 43% of total commute sat in traffic
  • London is worst city according to study
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Rush hour drivers are spending nearly half of their driving time sat in stationary traffic.

According to a study by Citroen, inner city commuters are spending an average of 25 minutes and 39 seconds of every hour sat stationary in traffic, or 43% of the total journey time.

In 2006 when the study started commuters were spending three minutes less, an average of 22 minutes 34 seconds stationary.

Journeys between 8-9am and 5-6pm were analysed in five major UK cities: London, Manchester, Norwich, Birmingham and Cardiff. Out of the five, London was the worst, with motorists spending an average of 36 minutes and 28 seconds sitting in jams.

So, we want to know: how long do you spend in sat in traffic on your every day journey?