Fleet-focused trims for Infiniti Q50

  • Infiniti introduces pair of company car kit levels
  • Contract hire available from £360 per month
  • Company car tax from £83 for a 20 percent payer

A pair of company car driver-specific versions of the Infiniti Q50 has been announced.

Dubbed the ‘Executive’ and ‘Premium Executive’, the Japanese firm claims it they’ve been designed with higher-mileage drivers in mind.

The Executive model is based on SE specification but adds a high-tech sat-nav system, while Premium Executive is based on Premium but adds electric heated front seats, the firm’s I-Key system (which remembers individual settings on the keyfob) and of course that sat-nav system too.

One thing that’s going to make this car attractive to company car drivers is the contract hire deal on offer. Shelling out £360 per month (including VAT) will get you behind the wheel of an SE Executive model, while £404 per month will get you a Premium Executive car.

These rates are based on a driver doing 10,000 miles per year, 3+35 rentals and on a non-maintenance contract.

Using the Q50’s 2.2-litre diesel engine, the car’s CO2 emissions are relatively low which means company car tax is going to be accessible.

Since prices start at £29,870 for a manual SE Executive with a manual gearbox emitting 114g/km, we’ll be looking at a monthly Benefit-in-Kind tax bill of £83.45 for a 20 percent tax payer. If you want an automatic you’ll pay a penalty, tax rising to £98.12 per month.

Moving up to Premium Executive doesn’t increase the CO2, but since the list price is £35,020 a 20 percent tax payer will be in for monthly tax of £93.51 for a manual car and £109.35 for an automatic.

For comparison, the BMW 320d saloon 'Business' with the Professional Media Pack and a manual gearbox will cost you £82 per month. You do get quite a lot of equipment with that, too.

Fuel economy is a claimed 64.2mpg on the combined cycle for manual car meaning a range of around 1,045 miles is possible if you drive extremely carefully. This drops to a range of 960 miles for the automatic thanks to its 58.9mpg claimed economy, but don’t forget that in the real world these ranges are likely to be significantly less as it’s next to impossible to recreate manufacturers’ claimed fuel economy during every day driving.

Still, those figures really aren’t bad considering the Q50 will cover 0-62mph in 8.5 seconds thanks to its 168bhp and 400Nm of torque.

You can order the new models now, with deliveries starting in mid-November.

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