BMW 530e: cut your tax bills by two-thirds compared with petrol 530i

  • Slash your BIK costs with 530e plug-in hybrid
  • Just £51/£103 to tax for 20%/40% tax payers
  • Conventional petrol 530i would cost £153/£306

The economical new BMW 520d ED emits just 102g/km of CO2 – and is capable of 72.4mpg – making it a very affordable car for fleet drivers to tax.

Those after a new 5 Series, however, can more than halve that car’s BIK tax bills, by opting for the £43,985 530e iPerformance plug-in hybrid, with monthly charges from £51/£103 (for 20% and 40% taxpayers respectively).

With an official emissions figure of just 46g/km and the potential to cover up to 29 miles on electric power alone, this green model is far cheaper to tax than both petrol and diesel alternatives. The 530i petrol – which shares its engine with the plug-in model – will set you back £153/£306 per month, depending which tax band you’re in.

The economy-focused 520d ED diesel, meanwhile – which already emits 6g/km less than the standard model – is likely to cost around £123/£245 per month, barely better than the normal 520d due to the anticipated £800 price premium.

Fuel costs for the plug-in model should be much cheaper than the alternatives, too, courtesy of 141.2mpg claimed economy and the ability to plug the car in for all-electric short journeys.

Where the 530e is likely to be less competitive, though, is in leasing costs, thanks to its high list price. Weighing in at £43,930 this plug-in model costs slightly more than the £43,835 530d, nearly £4,000 more than the 530i petrol and approximately £7,000 more than the 520d ED. As a result, the 520d ED could be a sensible choice if you can't get a 530e within your monthly allowance.

See a rundown of the 2016/17 BIK costs for plug-in, petrol and diesel models below:

BMW 530e iPerformance:

£51 per month (20% taxpayer)

£103 per month (40% taxpayer)


BMW 520d ED (predicted):

£123 (20% taxpayer)

£245 (40% taxpayer)


BMW 530i SE:

£153 (20% taxpayer)

£306 (40% taxpayer)


BMW 530d SE:

£175 (20% taxpayer)

£350 (40% taxpayer)


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