Ford Fiesta: Practical and good looking

Interior style shows

After looking at the big advance in the exterior styling of the Fiesta compared to the previous model, I also started to think about how the interior looks had moved on and in particular the centre console.

As well as looking good the audio dials and heating layout is all clear and intuitive. This all helps when driving because it makes it quick and easy to change the air-con or music without taking your concentration off the road.

Like the exterior styling this is a big step forward compared to its predecessor, but even compared to other new cars it is much easier to use and well laid out. Compared to our Renault Megane Coupe it comes out on top.

The Renault instruments all seem to be the wrong way round - the heating is above the stereo - while dials do different things than you think they should. At Parker's we all constantly find ourselves changing the radio station when we think we're turning up the volume.

At the same time the Fiesta is so quick and easy to use that it only takes a matter of minutes to know exactly what you need to press and which buttons and dials do what. Even scrolling through the MP3 menu is simple, which is a big bonus if you are constantly fighting off your passenger to be the in-car DJ.

Current mileage: 8531

Average mpg: 39.3