Ford Fiesta: Young new thing

Battle of the ages

With so many Ford Fiestas now on the roads and such a common sight, you could be forgiven for forgetting how much of an advance it was when it first went on sale back in October 2008. That is until you put it up against its predecessor.

While a number of manufacturers will bring out what they call a 'new' model, these often end up looking exactly the same as the previous version but a little bit bigger with a couple of new features - not mentioning any names (Volkswagen Golf). However, Ford was full-on when it came to the redesign of the Ford Fiesta.

The most obvious difference between the two is just how much better the newer model looks. The 2002 and 2008 version has an ordinary, even bubble-like shape, and there's little to tell it apart from rivals such as the Citroen C3 and the Vauxhall Corsa. In comparison my Fiesta is much sharper and sleeker with the sloping roofline giving it a sportier, slicker overall look.  

It's not just the looks it's also the performance and handling that differs drastically. The earlier model is easy to drive and quite fun but never feels engaging enough. As I've said previously my Fiesta is very interesting to drive and, when compared with the older model, feels more advance and fills the driver with much more confidence, even at higher speeds.

There are a few plus points for the older model against my one. The main one is rear visibility. With it's sloping roofline my Fiesta suffers from a very small rear window making it hard to see out the back especially when parking. Despite this I would take the better-looking newer version every time.

Current mileage: 8198

Average mpg: 37.5