Ford Fiesta ST-3 Mountune : Welcome

  • Hottest Ford Fiesta joins the Parkers fleet over the winter
  • ST-3 comes with kit most owners added to mid-spec ST-2 as standard
  • Our car comes with officially sanctioned Mountune power upgrade

As phonecalls go, the one from the ever-cheerful Bob at the Ford Press office rates as one of the best so far. The Fiesta ST we were due to test for one week, was actually available on a longer-term loan if we so wished – three months in fact.

Which is why, at the end of said week we didn’t hand the keys of EJ14 EDC back to a delivery driver, but kept them firmly in our pocket. My pocket to be precise.

There’s good reason for this; when we tested the Fiesta ST-2 in October 2013, we loved it – rating it above the newly released Peugeot 208GTi in a twin-test. It seems we’re not the only ones who liked the way this fast Ford looked, went or cost either; Ford can’t build them fast enough.

Thing is, while the firm offered a standard ST model, and a higher-grade ST-2 with more equipment as standard, customers kept adding options on top. Which is why the world now has the ST-3, with all of the kit customers previously paid extra for included as standard.

Fiesta ST-3 cabin

On top of the already generous ST-2 specification (17-inch alloy wheels, DAB radio, air conditioning, part leather heated sports seats, keyless start and LED daytime running lamps) the ST-3 model adds climate control, sat-nav, cruise control, keyless entry, automatic headlights and rain sensing wipers. All for just £1,000 more; adding each individually costs another £1,275 and takes the price to £19,575 versus the £19,250 of the ST-3.

It’s easy to understand the appeal.

Our car also added the ST Style Pack (£275), which hides new red brake callipers behind grey rather than standard silver 17-inch alloy wheels and includes illuminated scuff plates replete with the ST logo. To top it off EDC came finished in Spirit Blue metallic paint (£495) which in our opinion is the best colour for the ST.

Fiesta ST Mountune

Plus a curious little yellow badge on its rump. Bearing the script ‘Mountune Performance’.

Which means our car comes complete with Ford’s officially sanctioned, and warranty-retaining, power upgrade. The standard ST has never felt under-endowed in the bonnet area, with 180bhp and 290Nm of torque, but this kit talks of a headline 215PS (or 212bhp in real money) figure.

Which sounds like a lot, but is in fact just half the story; in reality it adds 15bhp to the party, as the standard car actually makes 197bhp in its state of ‘overboost’, which is available temporarily (if you’d call 15 seconds temporarily). Whatever, it means the car now sprints from 0-62mph around half a second quicker (approx 6.5 seconds) and drops its in-gear 31-62mph time by 0.7 seconds. In other words, it’s usefully quicker no matter your speed or gear selected.

Ford Fiesta ST engine

Apart from retaining the full Ford UK warranty, the new airbox, high-flow air-filter, new lower air intake hose and remap (plus that badge) the best news about the kit is it costs just £599+fitting (which should take one hour). To our eyes, that’s a bargain, and something we expect to be as popular as this new ST-3 trim.

All of the above takes the price of our car to £20,619, which isn’t an inconsiderable amount for the humble Fiesta. Though of course EJ14 EDC is anything but humble or humdrum.

Fiesta ST side profile

Which just leaves one question – who to run it? The obvious answer is someone young and trendy, with a short commute. Not a mid-thirties man with rapidly greying hair and a 120-mile round trip to work and back.

If ever there was a case of gross rank-pulling this was it. But anyone else will have to pry the keys from my cold dead hands first…


Mileage (on arrival): 5,506                                  Economy: 47.9mpg (claimed)