Ford Fiesta ST ST-3 : Fiesta's fuelling

  • Ford’s hottest hatch claimed to offer up to 47.9mpg and only 138g/km CO2
  • Fails to match economy in real world, though on one commute we saw an indicated 46.4mpg
  • Easy fuel system makes filling up easy, and 48-litre tank means comfortable 350-mile range 

When our Ford Fiesta landed on our fleet, complete with power-raising Mountune tuning kit, the last expectation I had for it was one of superior fuel economy. Especially having just given up driving our Skoda Octavia vRS diesel.

We were expecting blistering performance - with 213bhp and 320Nm of torque that was a given – and there’s no escaping the sporty looks inside and out, but its fuel economy was a pleasant surprise. Officially the Fiesta ST can return up to 47.9mpg on the combined cycle (urban is 35.8mpg and extra urban 58.9mpg) which would pitch it head to head with some of the more specialist fuel-sippers on our fleet.

Fiesta ST driving

It’s probably more a failing of the driver, rather than the car, that I never manage to match those lofty numbers. Such is the addiction of EDC’s performance that I spend most of my time exploring it, accelerator pedal depressed into the carpet, gear ratios quickly snicked betwixt and speedometer needle swinging rapidly round.

Fun though that is – and I reckon the Fiesta ST with Mountune pack is the most fun you can have in a new car for around £20,000 – it does nothing for fuel economy. The average over our time so far is a rather more disappointing 34.9mpg.

Fiesta ST economy

I did test myself, and the car, out one day during my daily commute though. At around 57 miles each way, with a mixture of country, inner-city and motorway roads throughout it, my morning slog and afternoon return are a good test of a car's abilities and a representative spread of disciplines when it comes to fuel usage.

I’m pleased to say, with a light right foot (but still maintaining a 65-70mph motorway cruising speed) that the indicated average for my journey was a more palatable 46.4mpg. With a 48-litre fuel tank, that means the Fiesta could nudge just short of 500 miles before it needed refilling again – always super-unleaded in my care. In reality I usually stop to top it up after around 350 miles instead.

Fiesta ST economy

And when the tank does need brimming, the Fiesta makes it nice and simple.

Thanks to the firm’s easyfuel system, there’s no need to mess around with fuel caps or anything – just flip open the flap and insert the pump into the nozzle. A mechanical release detects the pump neck and opens the filler hole, allowing you to fill up, wait for the click and around five-ten seconds, release the pump and replace it again. Fuss-free and without any need for your hands to get dirty or smell of fuel.

Clearly other long-term test cars, past and present, are more fuel efficient than EJ14 EDC, with larger ranges and an appetite for cheaper fuel. However, none are quite as much fun as the Fiesta ST, which in my book makes the 34.9mpg on Super Unleaded fuel worth every single penny. 


Mileage: 9,121 miles (3,615 since delivery)                      Economy: 34.9mpg