Nissan Micra: Driving it

An agile all-rounder

So my first impressions of the Micra were good, but what’s it like to drive?

My decision to take the long way home soon paid off, as I put the Nissan through its paces under mixed driving conditions. My first ten miles involved city driving, twisty country roads and motorway coasting – it coped well with them all.

In the city 

Our Micra’s city skills were instantly obvious and the first few miles of busy town traffic were a doddle. The forgiving first-gear makes queuing easy – even on hills – and stalling isn’t an issue. It’s reactive, agile and quick off the mark: everything you need around town.

Country roads

As I left the city behind and entered the countryside, I got a real feel for how the Micra could handle twisty roads. It corners excellently and grips the road well, but body roll is noticeable and the ride may be a little too soft for some. More B-road driving is certainly planned for the coming months.

On the motorway

Taking the Micra out of its comfort zone and onto the motorway proved less comfortable. It can maintain 70mph easily and race to the legal limit quickly. But the engine is loud when worked hard and strong crosswinds make the cabin noisy – particularly in the back.

The small Nissan is quite an all-rounder. It’s well-suited to city life and back roads are fun. Any more than a few hours behind the wheel on the motorway could be irritating, but I’m off to Newcastle next week – so let’s wait and see how the Micra copes with the seven hour round trip!

It’s currently returning 55mpg, so, by my calculations, I can get there and back on one tank of fuel…

Current mileage: 411

Average mpg: 52.9