Nissan Micra: One month to go

Time's ticking

It’s incredible how quickly my summer loan of the Micra has gone and it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun. I was surprised to look at the calendar this week and realise that the keys would be going back soon.

But I feel completely happy to recommend a Micra to almost anyone.

In honesty, I expected the novelty of driving it everyday to wear off after the first few weeks and I eagerly waited to pounce on any of the Micra’s annoying quirks when they revealed themselves – so I had some good and some bad things to say about it here.


But Nissan’s little city car really has impressed me since April and I’ve put it through its paces in as many different driving conditions as possible, to test how well it adapts to all kinds of situations.

As I said in my ‘Meet the Reviewer’ introduction, I regularly have the joy of visiting some of the UK’s biggest and busiest airports. All of which are at least an hour and a half away from my home in Peterborough. And that’s on a good day, without traffic.

So I needed something capable of getting me across the country in one piece and I couldn’t afford anything pricey to run either. What’s more, I live in the city and quite close to work so the Micra faces all sorts of urban traffic chaos and high-street stresses on a daily basis.

There’s very little that the Nissan can’t cope with: it’s astute around town, quick enough on the motorway and extremely easy on the finances. Granted, it’s not thrilling to drive and there’s a bit too much body roll on roundabouts and most bends for my liking, but most people won’t be looking the Micra’s way for rip-roaring fun.

If you want something with city practicality, rock-bottom running costs and nippy performance, pay this Nissan some real consideration.

Genuinely, it’s great.

Current mileage: 5126

Average mpg: 69.5