Nissan Micra: £300 fuel saving

A whopping 66mpg

The Micra has been fairly fuel-efficient since the day I was handed the keys, arriving straight from the factory with only 300 miles or so on the clock.

Over the past four months, the fuel consumption figure has hovered around 55mpg. This is a little below the official figure of 61mpg, but it’s still fairly frugal and it has been edging upwards slightly week-by-week.

It’s not something I would pay particular attention to normally: when the tank is empty, I re-fuel.

But with diesel prices as high as they are, I’ve been keeping a closer eye on the Micra’s fuel gauge recently out of need, more than curiosity.

And to my surprise, something odd began to happen to the trip computer last week. As the Micra clocked up its 4000th mile, the fuel economy began to rise sharply and it has got better and better since. It's now returning 66mpg.

This seems to tally with what Nissan says will happen. The handbook that came with the Micra states:

Models with K9K diesel engine will achieve top performance only after approximately 5,000 km (3,000 miles).


Ok, so it took an extra 1000 miles for this to kick-in, but I’m extremely pleased that it has.

It was only when I realised that I’d filled the tank to the top a fortnight ago and the needle had barely moved since, that I worked out what this jump in fuel economy equates to in £££s.


Super savings

Yes, our Micra is going further and therefore costing me less than it ever has done. But how much will this huge improvement actually save me each month and each year?

I based my calculations on diesel costing £1.32 per litre and me driving 12,000 miles per year.

Amazingly, the increase from 52.1mpg, when I first got the Micra, to 66.2mpg now means a saving of £24.51 per month, or £294.16 a year.

Quite simply, that is superb and a massive financial help.


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Current mileage: 4983

Average mpg: 66.1