Nissan Micra: A female view

What I think of the Micra

What were your perceptions before you drove the Micra?

My first impressions weren't great but my ideas were based on driving the older one, which doesn't feel sturdy enough. The Micra doesn't pretend to be anything that it's not. Nissan may not seem a prestigious make; but just look at the striking 350Z.

I think the new Micra has come a long way.

Having driven it, what's your favourite thing about it?

All-round cabin space: for such a small car, it's so big inside. I was surprised by how roomy it was - even for people in the back.

What do you like least about the Micra?

The boot, most definitely. I thought it was too small. It's good that you can put the seats down to give your more room. But what if you've got kids in the back? Where are you going to put the buggy and the shopping?

For practicality, families should either go for the five-door, for easier rear access, or the larger Nissan Note.

How did it meet your needs?

For what I used it for, it was fine. Great for parking and spacious on the inside for all. It wasn't noisy on the motorway and I was surprised by how nippy and smooth it was throughout the gears.

What do you think about the equipment levels?

There's great attention to detail. The Micra is well kitted-out and offers supportive and very comfortable sporty faux leather seats, plus a built-in CD player, electric front windows, remote central locking, automatic headlights, ESP and air conditioning. 

The parking sensors make it very simple to park in the smallest of spaces and there's the bonus of heated seats, a generously-proportioned glovebox and roomy door bins.

This car, with options, cost £12,650 brand new. Is that good value for money?

I think it's a little too much money for what it is. But the Micra is a great car and it's so easy to live with. I'd just sooner wait for the initial depreciation and buy a nearly-new, secondhand one instead.

Current mileage: 3528

Average mpg: 57.4