Nissan Micra: £371 off insurance

How to slash insurance costs

With the current rising costs of motoring, it’s important for drivers to get the cheapest possible quote for car insurance.

A price comparison tool found that Admiral offered the lowest insurance quote for the Micra at £651.50, but I was keen to lower it even more.

Five cheapest quotes:

Admiral £651.50
Elephant £653.60
Swiftcover £806.52
Swinton £916.82
Kwik Fit £921.43

The highest was for £1449.85 with Right Choice – almost £800 more than Admiral.

Using Parker’s 10-steps, I managed to knock a massive £371.70 off of my insurance quote:

Tip Quote Saving

The Name Game

£611.60 £39.90
Six years no claims


Use of another car on a regular basis £389 £14.70
Add another driver £279.80 £102.90


The final quote came to £279.80, meaning I saved almost £400 overall.


Try it for yourself. Use our 10-step Plan To Save on Insurance and you could drive down your insurance bill down as much as we have.

Current mileage: 5571

Average mpg: 55.8