Nissan Micra: Three or five-door?

Family practicality

I personally use the rear seats very rarely and tend to only use them for jackets and bags, rather than passengers. But, as Sheetal pointed out, where would a family put the buggy, the shopping and the kids in the Micra?

What’s more, it’s quite difficult to climb in and out of the three-door model, access to the rear is restricted for elderly passengers or when putting children in.

So, to see whether the extra two doors would be worth the extra money, I compared the prices of same-spec Micras – three-doors against five-doors – online.

You can snap up the cheapest three-door for £7695 and the lowest five-door costs £8345.

The difference in price from new is £650.

This may seem a little expensive, particularly for those on a budget, but it was the fact that a secondhand five-door Micra is worth about £300 more that caught my eye.

For family buyers looking for something cheap and practical, I think the £300 extra will pay off in no time at all.

Current mileage: 4001

Average mpg: 55.8