Nissan Micra: Fuel range

Micra is miles better

As my job involves driving to some of the UK’s busiest airports at least once a month, it’s important that the Micra can deal well with a few hours on the motorway without guzzling diesel.

With fuel prices increasing by the day, the demand for economical cars will only increase. That’s why the Nissan is such a good prospect. It’s cheap to buy, fun to drive and affordable to own.

It demonstrated how frugal it is when I drove from Peterborough to Newcastle and back on one tank of diesel, but I only realised on my way home from Heathrow yesterday that I hardly ever look at the fuel gauge – I don’t need to.

Because the electronic display, which is sandwiched between the speedo and rev counter, is extremely informative. Drivers can find out the time, the total mileage and the outside temperature with one glance. By using the ‘i’ button on the steering wheel, you can also cycle through another four options, including the trip counter and the handy range function.

Range tells you exactly how many miles are left in the tank and will start beeping when fuel is running low. It puts the fuel gauge into real context: half a tank equals 250 miles or so.

It’s a really neat and useful function to have. Without realising, I use it all the time.

Current mileage: 3135

Average mpg: 52.9