Nissan Micra: Supermarket sweep

Our Micra hits the shops

Saturday afternoon food shopping is hardly my idea of fun – particularly when the weather is as uncharacteristically warm and sticky as it has been recently. I can’t stomach weaving through busy aisles and angry parents – with the Micra or my trolley.

But, realistically, it’s not always possible to go late-night shopping in the week and I had to face up to food hall hell last weekend.

Thankfully, the Micra dealt well with the continuous stop/start of busy town traffic and the air-conditioning managed to keep tempers as cool as the cabin as we patiently filed through the queues and tried to find a parking space.

The tight steering and small turning circle made life extremely easy as we pounced on one of the few empty bays in the car park. With limited space to manoeuvre and surrounded by large 4x4s, the little Nissan coped admirably.

After raiding the shelves and brimming the trolley, the Micra was tasked with transporting our supplies back to base.

The boot isn’t enormous, but coped well with half a dozen shopping bags. With no kids in the back, there’s also the option of either folding down the rear seats for larger items or using them for the extras that can't quite fit.

I’ll still do my best to swerve the supermarkets at weekends, but the Micra is a great shopping partner when I can't.

Current mileage: 2578

Average mpg: 53.9