Nissan Micra: Bargain hunting

Bag yourself a great deal

I've had the Micra for a fortnight now and I'm still very pleased with it.

Criticisms of it looking a little feminine are quite common and the distinctive bubble styling certainly won't appeal to everyone.

But for those looking for something cheap to buy, easy to drive and reliable to own, there are few cars that can measure up.

A quick glance at its smaller engines demonstrates just how cheap it is to run:


Engine MPG Insurance Tax
1.0 P 48 Group 2 Band C
1.2 P 47 Group 2 Band C
1.4 P 44 Group 4 Band D
1.5 D 61 Group 3 Band B

Micra has been around for a while now, so you can find plenty of lower-powered models for sale secondhand, for under £3,500. For that money, it's a bargain. Take a look here.

Perhaps the next few months will change my mind, but, for now, it's a struggle to find any of Micra's major weaknesses. Put simply, it's a great car.

Do you own a Micra? Let me know what you think it's like to live with.

Current mileage: 1346

Average mpg: 54.3